Robbie Seay Band – Miracle (2010) МР3, 278kbit (VBR)

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Robbie Seay Band – Miracle (2010)

Artist: Robbie Seay Band
Album: Miracle
Release Date: March 23rd, 2010
Style: Alternative Rock / Pop
Label: Sparrow Records / Chordant (EMI)
Location: Houston, Texas

1. Love Invades
2. Awaken My Soul
3. Kingdom And A King
4. Crazy Love
5. Miracle
6. Your Love Is Strong
7. Let Our Faith Be Not Alone
8. We Are Not Alone
9. Long Way Home
10. Lament (We Cannot Wait) (Feat. Breanne Düren)
11. Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go (Feat. Audrey Assad)

Формат / Битрейт: МР3, 44100Hz Joint Stereo, 278kbit (VBR)
Продолжительность: 00:54:06
Robbie Seay Band makes their home in Houston, TX where they work, serve and love their local community. The band leads worship at Ecclesia, a church in the Montrose area of Houston where Robbie’s brother, Chris Seay, is the teaching pastor. Robbie and his brother started the church and have watched God do some amazing things throughout the last several years. Many of the songs Robbie Seay Band writes and performs are inspired by events and people within Ecclesia and the community there, so his albums are testimonies of what God’s faithfulness, our humanity and how they intertwine as we live our lives. Robbie’s new studio album Miracle is just that, an honest and real collection of songs oozing with the vibe of Robbie’s laid back vocals providing music fans with lyrics that encourage, strengthen, and challenge believers. The title track “Miracle”, is a moving prayer to our Creator asking for Him to intervene and is the lead single. Set to release March 23rd, Miracle is Robbie Seay’s Band best album to date.


И все, что делаете, делайте от души, как для Господа, а не для человеков (Кол.3:23)
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Станьте плиз на роздачю!
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