Ben Woodward – Maranatha (2010) МР3, 192 Кбит/с

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Ben Woodward – Maranatha (2010)

released: 01 June 2010
Written: by Ben Woodward, Nathan Prior, Cassie Campbell, Misty Edwards, Grace Kim
Produced: Brandon Hampton
Drums: Jared Logan
Guitars: Brandon Hampton
Bass: Adam Sniegowksi
BGV’s: Laura Hackett
Piano: Ben Woodward
Choir: David Paul, Deryck Box, Austin Williamson, Jonathan Mills, Ben Woodward, Jared Logan

This recording has been the result of 3 years of writing, recording, waiting and then writing and recording again. The purpose for this record was not just to be another worship/rock and roll album, but a collection of songs that would enable people to cross over into a new place of worship through a familiar sound. I wanted this album to be a bridging point between two worlds. The reality is, songs that reach beyond the “worship” genre or the “contemporary” genre are greatly needed in the days to come. We need a restoration of the kind of song that was sung at creation that took the void and brought forth creation. We need songs that can take the chaos we all endure on a day to day basis and bring hope. That is the prayer that accompanies this record.
My prayer is that as you listen, angels would be sent on your behalf, heaven would come down and as a result your hope would be restored.

Track Listing:
01. Sing Hosanna 06:41
02. Maranatha 05:07
03. Hope Revolution 03:56
04. Because of Love 05:29
05. Holy is the Lord 04:22
06. More Like You 06:14
07. He is Risen 05:08
08. I am Falling 06:16
09. (reaching out for heaven) 04:36
10. Isn’t He Beautiful 04:27
11. Falling in Love 04:00
12. I will Sing 04:05
13. Beyond the Veil 03:48
14. (I now will come) 03:39

Формат / Качество: МР3, 44100Hz Joint Stereo, 192 Кбит/с
Продолжительность: 01:07:27
The following is a little glimpse into the heart and mind of this talented singer/songwriter/worshiper.
“It was never my desire for people to notice me,” Ben says, “but that they would notice Him. If I get to open the chamber door and be a herald for Jesus, then I’m fine if they forget who I am.”Ben Woodward
In this desperate and challenging hour, it is refreshing to hear the pure sound of abandoned love that comes from Ben Woodward. The first thing you notice when you hear Ben is the intensity that comes from his voice. The second thing you will notice is his accent.
“I was born in New Zealand, but raised in Australia. Depending on who is asking, I am either a kiwi or an aussie. It is helpful to be able to pull both cards at times! I moved to Australia when I was very young and lived a good amount of my growing years on the Gold Coast – sun, surf and trouble!”
Ben was born into a family that encouraged musical expression. His grandfather, Peter, and his mother both played and lead worship at the churches that Peter started all across New Zealand and Australia.
Ben Woodward IHOP“I come from an apostolic lineage. I have a great heritage that I am so thankful for, I am convinced that a large reason for the favor that I experience is because of those who came before me. My grandfather prayed for me for 40 years, that one of his sons would preach the gospel. I am grateful to be the prayer that God answered for my grandfather.”
His musical expression would initially find it’s place playing drums for a group that he and 3 other friends would start. The group, Alabaster Box, would get its start winning a local radio station competition and would go on to great success, including many awards and the longest running number one song in Australian Christian Radio history.
“Alabaster Box helped me get my feet wet in the industry. We toured like slaves, and played just about every church, youth group and school we could find to take us! We were not that good initially, but the hard work payed off.”
But in 2003 Ben’s path took a different turn. He would leave Alabaster Box and on a wing and a prayer would get on a plane and head to the USA, land of the free and hope of the brave.
“I walked away from playing music. I had such a desire to be famous, to be great, but none of that mattered and the Lord took me on a journey that would leave me in the middle of the wilderness, where I didn’t play music for a long term with any focus. I had to learn some very important lessons about what God values, and what matters eternally. I ended up in Kentucky working for a church and it left me with many questions, but Jesus is so good! He took me on a journey into the discovery of who He is and what He required of me.”
There were benefits to ending up in Kentucky. He met a young girl who would end up his wife. He would learn many lessons that would eventually lead him to move his family to Kansas City to work with the International House of Prayer.

“After a long time of not even playing at all, I found myself in Kansas City, working for the International House of Prayer – a 24-7 worship and prayer room – and started leading worship again. I never really thought that this late in the game that I could pick it back up, but I am so glad that I have. Most people in the industry would tell you that if you are over 25, then you have no chance of doing anything of value, you need to find something else to do. I don’t agree. I am writing the best songs of my life, I am singing as good as I ever have, and my spirit is alive in doing it. I have a burning in my soul and a passion to see the kingdom of God advanced but I have a few years under my belt to balance that zeal. These are the best days of my life.”
Ben could be described as passionate, pastoral, talented or all of the above, but the best way to describe Ben is determined. He is determined to reach out for God in his own life, determined to see others come with him, and determined to not let anything stand in the way.


И все, что делаете, делайте от души, как для Господа, а не для человеков (Кол.3:23)
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