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An all-time classic, the Gazelle continues to captivate new generations of fans. adidas sneakers women This year, adidas brings us some updated versions of the quintessential silhouette, like this Blue and Silver Metallic iteration. Featuring an all suede upper it also includes the distinct naming and brand stripes on the side.

The suede classic that stands alone. The Gazelle started out as an all-purpose sport sneaker but found its way to the streets, where it transcends Buy now style, age, gender and time. These women's shoes feature a premium leather and suede upper with premium leather lining. Minimally stitched with authentic T-toe, gold foil logos and textured, off-white sidewalls, they're always in fashion and always true to Adidas heritage.

Today it is available in a wide variety of colourways and comes in slightly differing adidas gazelle collegiate gold iterations, the most popular of which are the OG, the Vintage and the simple ‘Gazelle’, which is modelled after the 1991 version. They feature a suede upper, a unique rubber midsole with a distinctive rough texture, and a contrasting heel patch and tongue, all which make for a sleek yet casual look.

When it comes to footwear, nothing is more instantly recognisable than the famous three-stripes. It is an iconic symbol of the fashion industry and helps adidas sneakers white cement adidas’ place as a colossus of the game. What are not as easily discernible however, are the individual trainers themselves - especially the array of adidas Originals which employ the use of the three stripes.As the second largest trainer manufacturer in the world, adidas are known for their constant strive for innovation.

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