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Delirious? (Studio) - Cutting Edge 3, 4 (1995)
Studio album by Delirious?

Released: 1995
Genre: Worship, Christian Rock
Label: Furious?
Producer: Andy Piercy

The recordings were originally released in four separate cassette tapes at the events. However, the recordings are now sold on compact disc, with the 'Delirious?' branding. In the United Kingdom, the recordings are available in two separate albums: Cutting Edge 1 and 2 and Cutting Edge 3 and Fore. In 2007, they were re-released as a double 'Fuse Box' album, 'Cutting Edge One, Two, Three and Fore'. In North America, they are available as a single, two-disc album, 'Cutting Edge'. The North American version was certified Gold in Canada by the CRIA and the band's distributor CMC Distribution

Track listing:

Cutting Edge 3: Red Tape
1 "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?" (Smith) – 9:45
2 "I've Found Jesus" (Smith) – 4:56
3 "Oh Lead Me" (Smith) – 4:52
4 "Shaken Up" (Smith) – 5:34
5 "I'm Not Ashamed" (Smith) – 6:43
6 "Find Me in the River" (Smith) – 5:11

Cutting Edge 4: Fore
1 "Louder Than the Radio" (Smith) – 4:08
2 "You Split the Earth" (Smith) – 4:56
3 "When All Around Has Fallen" (Smith) – 6:02
4 "I've Searched for Gold" (Smith) – 3:16
5 "Shout to the North" (Smith) – 4:14
6"All I Want Is You" (Smith) – 5:06
7 "Obsession" (Smith) – 8:34

Формат / Качество: МР3, 44100Hz Stereo, 320 Кбит/с
Продолжительность: 01:13:21
Cutting Edge 3: Red Tape

Cutting Edge 3, also known as Red Tape, was released in May 1995. The EP contained well known Delirious? songs 'Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?', 'I've Found Jesus', and 'I'm Not Ashamed' amongst others. Other places in the band were this time filled by Dudley Philips on bass, Chris Hutchinson on hammond organ and Jussy McLean on backing vocals. Andy Piercy also returned to record backing vocals for the EP, whilst Joss Ambrose played the didgeridoo on one track. It was included on the compilation album Cutting Edge 3 and 4, although the 'Red Tape' subtitle was dropped.

Cutting Edge 4: Fore

Cutting Edge Fore was released shortly after Red Tape, in December 1995. By this point, Jon Thatcher had joined the band as bass player, after filling in when a previous bassist could not perform at the event. He was the last member of Delirious? to join before Paul Evans joined as drummer in early 2008. The EP contained well known Delirious? songs such as Obsession. Louder Than The Radio was later re-recorded, and placed on the American version of the band's first full album, King Of Fools. Elsewhere, Jussy McLean also returned to record backing vocals for all seven tracks. The EP was released on the compilation album Cutting Edge 3 and 4, although the 'fore' in the original title was dropped.

И все, что делаете, делайте от души, как для Господа, а не для человеков (Кол.3:23)
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