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Simultaneously, the intro of "Internet +" Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online technologies means has changed into a new "sharp tool" to guarantee the standardization associated with tobacco buy. For instance, Xuchang Cigarettes Monopoly Institution (company) is actually "testing the actual water" in area of the tobacco train station verification program. When cigarettes farmers market tobacco leaves in the station, they must have the verification associated with "face brushing" to ensure the cigarettes contract is alone held as well as used, which essentially solves the issue of hard contract administration and puts a finish to the issue of non-standard mating.

In 2020, Xuchang Cigarettes Monopoly Management (Company) put in place the administration system associated with "tobacco high quality responsibility incident" within the links associated with tobacco buy, central financial institution reception, commercial and industrial handover as well as reroasting. Because of the standard incidents associated with different character, Xuchang Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons Cigarettes Monopoly Management (company) purely carries out the obligation investigation, forces the actual tobacco train station to play the primary role associated with management, and strives in order to resolve the problem Wholesale Cigarettes Store within the tobacco farmers' house, grading hyperlink, to prevent subsequent difficulties.
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