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At one time, a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code has grown the brand-new "IDENTITY card" involving Xuchang cigarette smoking. After your purchase, the gas stops will group every forty five kilograms involving tobacco right pack along with stick a new uniform QR code into it. By encoding the QR rule, industrial corporations can right query your detailed data of Online Newport Cigarettes Cartons grape planting farmers, grape planting plots, past crops, fertilizer request, grading workers, acquisition personnel and the like.

On the foundation of receiving the main adjustment, Xuchang area also even more deepen tailored production Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes order mode. Xuchang Cigarette smoking Monopoly Supervision (Company), Tianchang Reroasting Seed and Henan Tiongkok Tobacco Sector Co., Ltd. explored a whole new mode involving "full series and entire adjustment, one on one adjustment involving station along with plant", which has a total number of about 13, 500 dani, that may achieve exact Online Cigarettes docking while using hierarchical composition and order quality involving industrial corporations.
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