Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship - Catch the Fire Vol 10 - Mercy Over Me (2004) МР3, 192 Кбит/с

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Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship - Catch the Fire Vol 10 - Mercy Over Me

Страна: Канада
Год выпуска: 2004
Выпущено: Toronto Airport Church

Worship led by David Ruis, Jeremy Sinnott, Tom Lane and Robert Critchley who sings I'm So Amazed on this album.

01 - Mercy Over Me
02 - Mercy Is Falling
03 - O Worship The King
04 - I'm So Amazed
05 - Beautiful One
06 - There's A Time
07 - Amen
08 - Jesus Shall Reign
09 - Rest In His Promise
10 - Oh How Sweet To Trust You Jesus
11 - There Is One Name
12 - I Will Worship
13 - Can't Help

Формат / Битрейт: МР3, 44100Hz Joint Stereo, 192 Кбит/с
Продолжительность: 01:05:21
In 1994 the first Catch The Fire conference in The Regal Constellation Hotel, Dixon Road, Toronto, was an event that has many stories of how God moved in miraculous ways in that first wave of renewal to hit the city. Then years on, October 2003, The Regal Constellation was closed for business, but the 10th Catch The Fire conference drew the largest gathering ever at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF), a sign that God’s business is still very much top of the agenda in Toronto. Join together with a cast of thousands in worship and discover the story of Jesus, the cross and the wonderful truth that His blood still carries Mercy Over Me.

И все, что делаете, делайте от души, как для Господа, а не для человеков (Кол.3:23)
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